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"I enjoyed your posted message, "Eternity In Your Heart"-Your 4 "hubs" of guidance are inspiring, and so true. I can see from the faces and names represented on your website that you value good company!"
Ceci Miller-Author-Sacred Visitations

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Excerpts From Dr. Alvin's Book of Ponderations*

“Everything that is in front of you is like a door. To some it’s a barrier, to one it’s an exit and to another it’s an entrance. This door only opens to those who have discovered the master key…the proven prescription, recipe and method of operation. Like a locksmith, craft wisdom so that the opportunities of life will never be closed to you.”---AAJ ©

“In romance, do not love the broken heart, it needs mending, do not love the bad heart, it needs replacing, but do love the good heart…it only needs tending.”---AAJ ©

"When you have an ‘I believe I can do it start’...you will have an ‘I knew I could do it finish'.”---AAJ ©

“When you are criticized for being different…take it as a complement. When others leave you for being different…take it as confirmation. And when this difference occurs…take on this new beginning with a new and different attitude that the best just got better.”---AAJ ©

“Joy is your strength, your mojo. When an enemy of your passion gets you to react with anger, sadness, stress or any other evil twisted device, you are relinquishing your passion and your energy will become dim. The moment you lose your joy…you will lose you.”---AAJ ©

"In the Soul Train Life, your daily routine is your rhythm for success. Never permit unscheduled events or unorganized passengers to derail your soundtrack. Rock steady down the line and always stay in beat with your heart.”---AAJ ©

"Pure love is the foundation needed to construct the Chapel of Love. Pure love never sleeps and is always on time. Pure love is ripe fruit, the perfect prescription…nature’s balm that cleanses, heals and restores. And this love only lands in the soft and tender heart of a prepared lover.”---AAJ ©

"When you make a purchase you increase in goods, when you spend time with your family you extend your legacy.”---AAJ ©

“Until you act on your dreams you will always be short on faith and long on fear.”---AAJ ©

"When you are at peace with you…others will be at peace with you too.”---AAJ ©

“Until your friend sees your needs as their needs, you will always have a need.”---AAJ ©

"When you focus on a minor infraction of hate, you will miss major encounters of passion and love.”---Alvin Augustus Jones ©

“Your love does not lose its value, because another can not appraise your net worth.”---AAJ ©

"You will never lose interest when you do things that are in your best interest.”---AAJ ©

“In a judicious life - I must accept my actions as the verdict of my words."---Alvin Augustus Jones ©

“When you discover who you are you don't buy luxury...you become it.”-Alvin Augustus Jones ©

“Don’t let the sadness of not having the one thing, quench the joy of the many things you do have.”----Alvin Augustus Jones ©

"Wisdom with understanding assures an abundant life."-Alvin Augustus Jones

"To deny the existence of The Spirit is to be enslaved to the foolish."-Alvin Augustus Jones

*Ponderation: (n) 1. higher thought; 2. intellectual dexterity developed through wisdom; 3. using the principles of the high road as a way of life; 4. best practices; 5. highest and best uses; 6. excellence in action; gracious words for the soul.
ponderate (v) ponderator-DrAlvin.Com

Synonym for Ponderation (n)
Aphorism, precept, saying, motto, axiom, dictum, byword, adage
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